Our Mission

Empowering individuals to interact with people and their environment more intentionally and effectively through the use of ABA—because the change you make in you is the change you make in your world.
Photo of the 7 Dimensions Movement

How we got started

We started as a couple of BCBA’s who cared a lot about helping others. After a few private practices merged, we found ourselves in a growing company with a ton of passion across a variety of niches, but mostly as they related to the areas of autism and developmental disabilities. As we grew, so did the vast needs of our clients. We realized that we needed more capacity to help others as the problems brought to us started to grow, change, morph and challenge us!

Photo of the 7 Dimensions Movement
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The Influence of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)

Seeking knowledge, we attended professional conferences—but the more we went to conferences for professionals in our field, the more we learned that the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) was being applied across so many awesome needs and topics, but why were we only just hearing about these things in conferences for behavior analysts? We began to wonder...

Do other Non-ABA-ers know that ABA has influenced:

  • How people respond to weather alerts?  
  • How people train animals?
  • How people improve productivity and morale in businesses?
  • How people handle our finances?

The list goes on; relationships, health management, safety… and that is where we come in!

7 Dimensions Movement came out of a love for the science of ABA and desire to teach others its many uses. As BCBA’s, we use Applied Behavior Analysis in every aspect of our lives to help us work through the big questions that are otherwise difficult to answer. ABA can be broken down into 7 Dimensions (spoiler alert, it’s where our name comes from!)

7 Dimensions of Applied Behavioral Analysis

When it comes to Applied Behavioral Analysis, there are 7 dimensions. Here's how they work with our movement.

  • Applied

    Our goal is to provide socially significant results to people looking to improve the way they interact with others and their environment.

  • Behavioral

    The topics addressed are observable and measurable. Meaning, the change can be seen and sometimes even felt. Perhaps it’s even good enough to share.

  • Analytic

    Content created for our members is derived from data that is collected and analyzed.

  • Technological

    The recommendations given and the skills taught are presented in such a way that anyone can understand and practice them.

  • Conceptually Systematic

    Strategies and recommendations taught and demonstrated here are grounded in proven and replicated research.

  • Effective

    Success is measured by the actual change created.

  • Generalizable

    The information you are exposed to here can be used across different environments, contexts, time and with different people.

Course Instructors


Timothy Heald

Timothy is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Southern New Hampshire University. After getting his MBA, Timothy went on to become President of a software and services firm that was struggling to succeed. Using his expertise in business administration, he was able to greatly improve the firm and sell to an investor. Timothy went on to study at the Florida Institute of Technology's Graduate Professional Development program in Applied Behavioral Analysis in pursuit of becoming a BCBA with a focus in Organizational Behavior Management (OBM). Today, Timothy teaches Entrepreneurship courses at Southern New Hampshire University's Graduate School of Business and is the Executive Director of Constellations Behavioral Services, LLC.


Elissa Johnson

Elissa is a behavior analyst who has been practicing in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for over 20 years. Elissa is the Director of Dissemination and Behavioral Health for Constellations Behavioral Services- an agency that serves individuals in the New England area. She received her BA in Family Studies and her Special Education teaching degree for the state of New Hampshire from the University of New Hampshire. After a few years in teaching and case management, Elissa received her M. Ed. in special education with a masters thesis on food refusal in children with autism. Since becoming a BCBA in 2010, Elissa has consulted to dozens of schools across NH with a focus on utilizing the functional analysis process for treating severe problem behavior. Elissa also enjoys training, presenting and disseminating the science of ABA.

A note from Elissa

Hi there! My passion for hearing students utter their first request or seeing a graph which depicts a challenging behavior on a downward trend is still as rich as it was when I began my career. Along the way, I have expanded my skill set and grown into positions which have enabled me to extend my reach to more people through supervision, training and leadership. 

Hanging onto my love of performing and speaking in front of others from my childhood, the more recent years have brought opportunities to design and deliver a number of trainings and CE events on topics such as functional analysis, effective communication, managing challenging behaviors, instructional methods and more. Breaking into the world of presenting at international conferences is also a recent stamp on my passport! This project turned movement has been an exciting venture and one that I know has the ability to set my goal of disseminating our science on fire!  

On a personal side note, I am married and have two future behavior analysts of my own. They keep me on my toes and remind me how much fun can be brought into each day and interaction. I hope that our work here inspires you, is fun, memorable, makes you laugh, makes you think, and makes you share. Thanks for being here. 

Elissa Johnson

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